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How To Create Sales Funnels That Work (Free Webinar)

Pump Up Your Sales Without
Even Leaving The House

No matter what industry you’re in, or the size of your business, there is one consistent need: sales. It’s the single most important factor across all business, and any marketing you do should essentially build towards some form of sales transaction. Especially in such an unprecedented COVID-19 era.

Join me, Gordon D’Mello, as I walk you through my Sales Driven Marketing (SDM) methodology – which I’ve been crafting over the past five years. I’ll walk you through the four steps you need to build effective marketing channels and sales funnels that will get you more customers.

These workshops and masterclasses were due to run across Sydney at various locations like HUB Australia and Aeona, but due to COVID-19, we’ve been forced to adapt a little bit! I’ll be altering this presentation very slightly to include some tips on how to pivot your business temporarily to drive cashflow.

The Details:

When? This webinar took place on April 15th, 2020.
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Do I Have To Pay? It’s 100% free to access, and I’ll email you the password to watch the entire webinar above!

What You’ll Get Out Of It

In this webinar, I’ll be taking you throw my 4-step module process for sales and funnels, right through from pre-funnel creation, to making sure customers spend again:

+ Core Module 1: Customer Understanding
Persona Education, Traits & Understanding, Customer Environments, Persona Development

+ Core Module 2: Funnel Building
Funnel Breakdown, Marketing Channels, Funnel Production, Test & Learn

+ Core Module 3: Closing Deals
Bottom Of The Funnel, Incentives, Add Ons & On-Sells, Re-Marketing Lost Deals

+ Core Module 4: Delivery & Retention
On-Boarding Process, Making It Memorable, Relationship Management, Retaining Customers

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