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Bringing passion to life


Hire Gordon as a speaker.

Having the unique ability to bring often difficult concepts to life, I’m a passionate public speaker – and I use all my life experience to tell a purposeful story to you and/or your team.

Whether it’s business specific concepts like sales driven marketing, content-related ideas or life purpose and self-fulfilment topics, I can help inspire, teach and motivate. Having spoken on industry panels, at business conferences and even taught students in university tutorials and lectures, I’m ready to help.

Some topics I’ve spoken on in the past:

  • How To Use Content Marketing For Your Business
  • How To Create Sales Funnels That Work
  • Content Hacks For Millennials & Gen Z
  • Finding Your Purpose; Beyond Work Fulfilment
  • How To Create Content With Minimal Budget
  • How To Create Content In 2020 That Actually Works
  • David & Goliath No More!: Corporate & Startup Collaboration Is The Future
  • Disrupting Fashion Retail Online
  • A Look At How Millennials Are Changing The Way We Shop

So if you had something similar to the above, or perhaps a completely new idea – I wan’t to hear from you below!