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Why You Need To Stop Making Excuses For Not Creating Content

Man it’s been a rapid start to 2018, and I’m sure you’re all slowly (or quickly!) Getting back into the rhythm. A quick note from me today is about creating. We’re all too aware of the buzz surrounding content, but there is a difference between buzz and hype, for me at least. Hype is when something has a lot of potential and social conversation, while buzz has proven substance – hence there is a lot of buzz around content. It works. It’s proven.

And no matter what you’re main goals are at the moment, in the near future or long term, content will help you get there. Whether you’re a marketer, running a business, a DJ/musician, an athlete, the list goes on – start creating. Stop making bullshit excuses, because you are creative enough and have the ability.

It’s Simple

Short videos, articles like this, podcasts, images, emails, infographics, audio, music, whatever it might be, there are plenty of outlets you can create via. Pick the one that feels the most natural and start creating.

Be Smart

What do people like about you/your business? How can you amplify that? If you don’t know that’s fine too, but how are you going to know unless you AB test some stuff? Maybe you have knowledge on a certain topic people would like to hear about you from, maybe your passion and vibe is authentic so people get inspired of you, maybe you are uber talented in something specific so much that people want to just experience that talent.

If you already know what the area is, figure out your outlet to get it out there. If you don’t know, start finding out. Don’t be lazy!

Collaborate Like Never Before

Bring in people you work with, friends, family, additional voices that will add another element. People relate with other people, and good content is always relatable in some way or form. So add voices into your content if you have access, whether it’s in interview format, to add depth to the topic you’re talking about, or for whatever reason you think will help.

Not to mention it’ll probably be shared into that collaborator’s networks as well.

Use All Your Networks

Push that content far and wide. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Soundcloud, Pinterest, Email – no limits here, friends. You’ll figure out your best channels with time of course, but I honestly think you’ll often be surprised at your engagement in places you often don’t think will resonate.

TLDR; Stop being lazy, start creating.

Gordon D'Mello

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