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How To Make Money Off Your Knowledge

The consulting business is a hugely popular one, and essentially at it’s core, it’s just using your own personal skills to provide a tailored service to a client. But how do you actually try to make money, and heck, make a freaking living of what you know?

It’s a tough nut to crack, but when you do, the rewards are vast. It’s why some of the best consultants worldwide literally get blank cheques from clients – because once you find your niche and prove why you’re seriously good, people will pay.

A new favourite podcast of mine is Harvard Business Review’s Ideacast, a top series of listens that features thought leaders in the wider business and management world chatting about different business ideas and concepts.

In this episode, marketing strategy consultant, Dorie Clark, speaks about how people around the globe make money from what they know. You have knowledge, but how do you monetise it?

Gordon D'Mello

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