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An Intro To Content Marketing With Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed have really become pioneers for content across the board.

It’s crazy to think that merely a decade ago the brand didn’t even exist, and now it is arguably the biggest online publishing business in the world. They essentially created the listicle and have been one of the best content innovators across the globe.

In this chat back in 2015, then VP of Brand Strategy Keith Hernandez spoke with Google about starting points for Content Marketing, and how to intro your business to it.

If you’re looking to start doing content for your brand/business, this is a great way to start learning, brainstorming and creating. A lot of brands I’ve seen and have worked with, often just create content for the sake of it, and let me tell you this is helping no one. Come up with a plan, figure out where your audience plays and make sure the stuff you’re creating speaks to them.

Gordon D'Mello

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