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How To Improve Your Concentration As A Millennial

In what has become one of the staple videos when it comes to defining characteristics about the millennial generation, this watch by Simon Sinek tells some real truths.

What particular strikes a chord with me is the way he speaks about dopamine, and how we live for those little hits (ie the loves on Instagram, likes on Facebook, direct pics on Snapchat.) And it’s true, we’ve become a generation that often lives for that moment, meaning we can often be blinded by what else is going on around us – and therefore hard to concentrate on individual people, items, situations or concepts.

And that concept means we are constantly tied to our phones, tablets, computers – all true. Just think about all the friends you have caught up with who have messaged someone else during a dinner, perhaps the time you’ve just been scrolling through Instagram during a deadly boring meeting at work.

At it’s just that lack of being able to concentrate which is harming us the most for me.

If you put a camera on yourself during a regular shift or day at work, think about how many times you probably check your phone for notifications, for that awaiting hit of dopamine. It doesn’t make us productive, quite the opposite actually.

One thing I’ve tried recently is putting my phone on silent and aeroplane mode for hour periods at work. I put it screen down so I don’t see any notifications and just try to zone in a bit.

It felt pretty damn strange, but it worked wonders. I will do 2 hour bursts with my phone like that and have a 10 minute break afterwards to check in on anything.

I try to do table rules at dinner, and when out at catch ups. Because when you can develop the way you concentrate, that will affect every area of your life. If you can be more concentrated at work, you will be more concentrated with your friends / family, in your hobbies, in a relationship.

So don’t take it for granted, as millennials it’s the least we should expect from ourselves.

Gordon D'Mello

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