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How To Embrace What Makes You Weird

The word ‘weird’ is often one you probably will associate with negative connotations. And it’s fair enough.

Look at popular culture, the way you’ve been brought up and it’s easy to understand why that word is something you want to avoid. Being weird is seen as not being normal, perhaps a bit odd / strange and generally not something you really want to be.

But in this edition of Story Podcast, creative director and thinker CJ Casciotta explains why embracing your weirdness is what everyone should actually fucking strive for. And it’s bloody spot on.

The concept of being weird, different or strange should really bible – because art our core aren’t we all like that anyways. The most memorable and influential people in the world are remembered for being unique and different, simply synonyms for the W word.

So have a listen to this inspiring podcast, and ask yourself – what is your weirdness and how can I hero that more in my everyday life?

Image source: cjcas.com

Gordon D'Mello

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