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The purpose

How I Can Help

This is what I love to do.

In my early 20’s. I continuously thought about what my purpose was. Not just in business, not just in work, but as a whole lifestyle. I came to realise that storytelling is that purpose, and to get there I had to think about my passions, what I was actually good at, and the things I believed in. Ultimately for me, I feel your career and work should just be an extension of who you are as a person.

It's about making sure you and your business are telling the story you should be.

From creating content, to helping you drive sales or growing and commercialising your business – it’s about making sure you and your brand are telling the story you should be. So you can worry less, and focus more on your own passions and goals.

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Sales Funnels

Funnel Creation

Persona Development

Closing Strategy

Customer Retention

At the core of all marketing should be one thing, sales. Between permanent positions, contractor/consulting work, and running a publisher – I’ve worked in various sales roles. But so often, brands lack actual sales funnels that map out a customer journey from start to finish.

Here I can help you or your brand create various types of funnels, from lead magnets at the top, right through to closing the deal and retaining your customers at the bottom.

Digital Ads

Overall Ad Strategy

Social Media Ads

Google Ads Creation

Management & Performance

Digital marketing and advertising solutions have changed the way businesses reach their customers. We have a tonne of tools at our disposal from social media, to Google, to content aggregators.

But often it’s hard to understand these channels, and then also creating the right ads that convert at some point of your marketing/sales customer journey. I specialise in Facebook + Instagram ads, as well as Google Adwords – and can help get your campaigns running, and deliver results.

Social Media Marketing

Social Strategy

Account Management

Social Performance Auditing

Community Growth & Engagement

Social media is a force I’ve been surrounded by for years. Understanding the capabilities and endless possibilities, it’s arguably become the most powerful form of communication today. My career in social media and risk management started with SR7 (now KPMG), and I can help you develop a following, monitor your social footprint, and everything in between – I’ll bring quality.

I can help you build your audience across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Snapchat and many more channels. And even audit your competitors so you can stay up to date on how they’re doing things.

Content Marketing

Short & Long Term Content Strategy


Video Content Creation

EDMs & Email Marketing

Content is no longer a luxury, and more of a need than a want. But it can be expensive, it can be a lengthy process and honestly business people aren’t content creators by default. I had my first ever article published with Fairfax at 14, started freelancing writing before 20 and started my own publication, 5Why by 21.

I can help you create a killer content strategy (that you can bring to life), produce articles, video and other formats for your business, or help teach you and your team how to create content internally. I’m excited to pass all this knowledge onto you.


Brand Identity & Guidelines

Brand Narrative & Voice

Logo Design

Colour Schemes, Font & Style

Branding is the core of business storytelling. If your brand doesn’t stand for something, your business will struggle to sell anything. So what does your business stand for, and how do you want customers to perceive you?

Having worked on branding for businesses of my own from the ground up, as well as having helped many others develop their own – I can help you create yours. Whether it’s logo design, style guides or voice/tone – don’t take any risks on how your brand appears to the public.


Product Commercialisation

Partnerships & Collaborations

Network Development & Contacts

Business Scaling

Whether you have an early stage business that you’re looking to finally commercialise, or perhaps you have a business and just want to take it to the next level, I can help you build on your foundations.

There’s a tonne of factors in creating a business that can scale, from the product offerings, to developing your network, to partnerships and collabs that can do more for your business than you know.

Find Your Story, Build Your Business

Whether you’re just after one of the above, or think multiple options may be worthwhile simply get in touch and let’s find out how we can work together to tell the best story you possibly can.

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