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6 Tips To Get Your Personal Brand Up And Running

It’s funny you know, thinking about personal brand these days. Everyone almost needs to have it, yet I feel like the majority of people don’t really put much attention towards it. And the thing is, I feel every person has a personal brand – whether you are aware of it or not. As serial entrepreneur, Chris Ducker, once said, your personal brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

So when I ask you directly what your personal brand is, you might struggle to find an answer yourself. But I could probably answer it if I knew you and had several interactions with you. The powerful thing about this is that you have the ability to really dictate what people say and think about you.

By creating a personal brand that is strong, tells your unique story, and is backed up with content and ideas that you believe in, not only will your standing both professionally and personally go up – but you’ll be well on your way to becoming a thought leader in your industry. So follow these little tips to get your brand going.

#1 Have A Think About Your Purpose

If you’ve spoken to me recently, you’ll know I’ve been doing a lot of preaching around purpose, and how to find it when you have so much shit going on in your life. But trust me, when you start even thinking about it – you’ll begin to find clarity. And not just clarity in your career, but your whole damn life.

At the start of this year I spent some time thinking and dwelling on why I liked doing what I do, why I liked content and what that meant for me. And that’s how I landed on this whole idea of Storytelling. And the thing was, I realised I always had liked it and had done it, but I just hadn’t put a term on it or attached a specific vision to the concept.

So think about what you’re good at, what you like doing (in general, not just work) and why. The answer wont come over night, but as you start to brainstorm and when you eventually do figure out that purpose, it will be the forefront of your personal brand. Keep an eye out on my Storyzone in the coming weeks, because I’ll be dedicating some whole pieces of content to finding your purpose and how that can help define your life and career.

#2 Ask Other People About You

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Feel that immediate sense of “oh fuck no” – that’s normal. Because asking other people about ourselves is daunting, and we’re often scared about the things people might say. Our brains are naturally defensive, when there is the chance you will experience discomfort, or pain, it will organically tell you no. That’s why it’s so hard to break out of the comfort zone these days, because it goes against our brain’s first instinct.

But this is where you have a chance to grow. Start with your friends and family, they’re a good sounding board to get it going. Then move into your colleagues, managers, etc. Get them to tell you what they think you do well and maybe not so well. Figure out how you can enhance and highlight what you do well, and improve what you don’t do well.

This will help you figure out what your personal brand represents, and potentially if you can eventually monetise it.

#3 Buy Your Name.Com If You Haven’t Already

I’m often surprised at how many people don’t own their name as a URL, especially if it’s one that is specifically unique. Now if you have a more common name, there is a fair chance jackjones.com is taken. But just get a bit creative. Add your profession to the title, maybe your middle name or even add a business type (agency, group, etc).

For example:

  • JonesPhotoStudio.com
  • Jack.Media
  • JJLaw.com
  • JackScottMarketing.com.au

The options go on and on, and some of you will have to get more creative than others – but embrace it rather than use it as an excuse. Head over to Go Daddy and see what’s available, it’s honestly less to purchase a domain and hosting than you’ll pay most weekends on the town.

#4 Start Creating Content Now

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Go Go Go! Yes we live in a world full of content, and there is A LOT of noise. But with so many players, if you’re aren’t creating your own content or being a player, well seriously ask yourself why. There are so many streams as well, from articles, to video, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, podcasts, the list goes on.

You might be thinking “but I just don’t know enough, I can’t write, I hate the sound of my own voice.” Stop. With. The. Excuses! Honestly, we tell ourselves this just so we don’t have to do it. But no writer is born good, no one picks up a video camera and is immediately amazing, your first podcast will probably suck. But it’s all about practicing your craft.

Think about the things your friends, family, colleagues told you about yourself. Do you have any content or information people would love to hear from you?

#5 Be Consistent

Underrated but super important. Set realistic goals for your personal brand. When you’re creating content for example, try to be as consistent as possible. Set a time to write one article per week and do your utmost to not break that. Nothing worse than coming onto a personal brand website and seeing the last piece of content was ten months ago.

And it’s about being consistent in person too. Making sure that you are consistent with your messages, persona, character in everyday life. People will judge you, that’s just a fact. So make sure that your character is never questioned.

#6 Don’t Worry If You Think You’re Not Experienced Enough

This is probably the most common statement I hear from people when it comes to why they haven’t worked on their personal brand. We live in hands down the best time ever, unlike the 60s, you don’t need experience and years of battling away to demand respect and business. Work ethic, passion, vision, purpose – these are all things that you have, whether you have uncovered it or not yet.

So don’t let the idea of minimal experience stop you. I’ve never once worked as a full time journalist, but people will now pay me decent money to write for them – it’s because I never let age be a barrier or my experience levels stop me. I’m confident with my abilities and if you’re better than me, I just want to work harder to beat you. You should be the same.

Gordon D'Mello

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