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OLÁ HELLO नमस्ते

Oh hey! In case it’s your first time here, I’m Gordon – your friendly neighbourhood storyteller, based in Sydney, Australia.

For me stories are the most powerful medium in the world, and can relate to everything from personal tales, to branded content and creative marketing. And digital marketing is my forte – think sales funnels, content, social media marketing, Google Adwords, branding and every narrative in between.

Over the years I’ve helped tell many a story across startups, SMEs, and even big scale corporates. So there is never too big, or too small a tale to tell.

So – what’s your story?

Brands I’ve Worked With.

The Main Areas

Where I Can Help You

Sales Funnels

Building the processes that keep you business making money.

Digital Ads

Helping you create online currency that'll help drive results.

Social Media Marketing

From understanding your best channels, to creating strategy for them.

Content Marketing

Whether it's creating content, to tracking effectiveness.


Developing the look, feel and style of your brand & making sure it fits your customer.


Creating commercial arms for your business, that propel revenue and growth.

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