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Define Yourself

OLÁ HELLO नमस्ते

Hey! I’m Gordon – a 24-year old media & branding consultant from sunny Sydney, Australia.

Ever since graduating university, I’ve worked across many startup, SME, and big scale corporate companies. All brought their own experience for me, but along with establishing a couple of my own startups, I’ve now plunged into consulting full time.

Specialising in content, startups, events and social media, give me a yell and let me know how I can help you reach your best goals.


Content & Blogging

From native to editorial, press to copywriting, I can help you sort out your physical content needs.

Social Strategy

Helping you create a plan for social that will provide you max reach and fan engagement / leads.

Startup Development

Setting practices for growth and using industry connections to put you in touch with the right people.

Events & Hosting

Whether you need event planning & setup help or someone to host / speak, I'll help you sort it out.

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Got the whole world talking

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Thought provoking

Reading expands the mind


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Don’t Accept It

It’s likely people will attempt to have a say in your life, but ultimately it’s going to be you who defines yourself.

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Finding Passions

Doing what you love is an old cliche, and easier said than done. But what’s important is that you always keep looking.

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Keep Hustling

There is nothing more rewarding than celebrating hard because you’ve worked f**king hard. Hustle hard, play hard.

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Branding You

Don’t neglect your personal brand. Because whether you do or don’t, you still have one, and people will judge you and your ability on it.

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A few of the brands I’ve worked with

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